All In A Days Work

Phew ~ I can tell you a German Shepherds work is NEVER done!! I didn’t realise there would be so many puppy related jobs at the cottage. Yesterday came as a bit of a shock to my system the wind was howling and while the sky was as black as thunder it didn’t actually rain … it turns out the tail of Hurricane Hector stamped across Lincolnshire and there was a teeny, tiny bit of damage to our tree don’t worry I was soon on ‘Team Clear Up’

Clear up Hurricane Hector

I did say it was a teeny bit of damage didn’t I ?? Yep we lost about 10 leaves and 1 twig

Would you know it, no sooner did I sort out that drama when another raised its head, some thing was attacking Mrs P’s car I can’t say for sure what it was but it was VERY RUDE it kept spitting …. “Don’t worry I’ll capture it” I yelled before I went in for the kill

Otter v Hosepipe

Let me tell you it took a lot of wrestling to get under control and I ended up wet through ~ Mrs P said it was one nil to the hose pipe … it turns out she was only washing her car ~ well I wasn’t to know was I ??

I need a nap, see you again soon

Love D4 xx




Oops Sorry

I owe Mrs P & Beloved quite an apology this morning, while I was a superstar on my walk I did my meet & greet with fellow dogs in an appropriate manner ( I sat focused on Beloved ~ which is not something I’ve always been able to do ! ) BUT I did have a slight mishap …I found some fox poo and a decomposed rat which is where my apology lies

fox poo and decomp

Now this is what I don’t understand ~ to me this smells DIVINE you know like a really expensive aftershave

Unfortunately Mrs P has how shall I put this …. a delicate nose and an equally sensitive stomach which resulted in ….

poor Mrs P

Which resulted in poor Mrs P throwing up ….twice

Then to add insult to injury this happened

Bath time

Poor Beloved had to get up close and personal to give me a bath

EDIT NOTE ~ to anyone who has not smelt the stench of decomposition before ~ mix everything you absolutely hate the smell of in a huge bucket, mix well leave for 2 weeks preferably in a warm place … then stick your head in said bucket



Rottweiler Cooler

This is a low-cost, family friendly, cheerful, no bake recipe for a Rottweiler Cooler

Step 1) Take your Rottweiler to a shaded corner

Step 2) Turn on your hose pipe …a bucket of water could also be used, and liberally apply water to said Rottweiler

Step 3) After much amusement to your good-self / family place your Rottweiler indoors preferably on a cool surface,  I have used a kitchen stone floor

Step 4) Leave your Rottweiler to cool

There you have it a Rottweiler Cooler

There you have it a Rottweiler Cooler

Although I have used a Rottweiler for this no fuss recipe please feel free to make substitutions for any breed of dog

This recipe has been brought to you by Mrs P

Interview with My Big Sister

Now I have found my feet  at ‘The Cottage On The Green’ so to speak I thought I’d take this opportunity to interview my big sister …. Neurotic Cat

Neurotic Cat on her very first day at 'The Cottage On The Green'

Neurotic Cat on her very first day at ‘The Cottage On The Green’

Me …Welcome to my blog Neurotic Cat,  is it OK if I ask you a few questions about your life, career and time at ‘The Cottage’ ?

Cat … Thank you for the invite, of course ask away

Me… So  Neurotic Cat how long have you lived at the cottage ?

Cat  … I arrived exactly a year ago, from the next village, I was being bullied by my fellow felines and was becoming very anxious causing me to over groom, old mum knew Mrs P & Beloved were looking for a new cat after the loss of their much-loved puss, and the rest as they say is history

Me…. Were you the only pet at ‘The Cottage’ ?

Cat …No, Old Dog was still around then, a great brute of a rottweiler like you are going to be

Me ….I’m Head Of Security, do you have a job ?

Cat … Of course…I guard Beloveds Man Cave

From my vantage point I can supervise all the goings on

From my vantage point I can supervise all the goings on, NO ONE and I mean no one gets past me

Me …I know you are my BIG sister, but you’re not bigger than me, so I presume you are waayyyy older than me ?

Cat … I’m 5, I’ll never be bigger than you, but I’m still your boss

Me…( We’ll see about that Miss Know it all ) How come you get to sleep on a Victorian nursing chair in Mrs P’s & Beloveds bedroom ?

Cat … Awww bless, you have sooo much to learn, it’s MY chair-room that happens to have a bed in it that Mrs P & Beloved sleep in

Me … Will I ever get to sleep in your chair-room ?

Cat … No

Me .. Why doesn’t Mrs P ever take you for a walk ?

Cat … I’m independent, and I’m sensible enough to be allowed out alone

Me …Will I ever be able to go out alone ?

Cat … No

Me .. Can I ask why you are ……………Like where are you going ?? you can’t just walk off ……. for your information cat you were boring me first !!!!!!

… I think we are done here, you are not nearly as much fun as I thought you would be, unless your up the tree and I’m sat at the bottom waiting for you to run the gauntlet to get to the kitchen door first