All In A Days Work

Phew ~ I can tell you a German Shepherds work is NEVER done!! I didn’t realise there would be so many puppy related jobs at the cottage. Yesterday came as a bit of a shock to my system the wind was howling and while the sky was as black as thunder it didn’t actually rain … it turns out the tail of Hurricane Hector stamped across Lincolnshire and there was a teeny, tiny bit of damage to our tree don’t worry I was soon on ‘Team Clear Up’

Clear up Hurricane Hector

I did say it was a teeny bit of damage didn’t I ?? Yep we lost about 10 leaves and 1 twig

Would you know it, no sooner did I sort out that drama when another raised its head, some thing was attacking Mrs P’s car I can’t say for sure what it was but it was VERY RUDE it kept spitting …. “Don’t worry I’ll capture it” I yelled before I went in for the kill

Otter v Hosepipe

Let me tell you it took a lot of wrestling to get under control and I ended up wet through ~ Mrs P said it was one nil to the hose pipe … it turns out she was only washing her car ~ well I wasn’t to know was I ??

I need a nap, see you again soon

Love D4 xx