A Message From ‘The Mamma’

I know this is my ‘Angel K9’s blog but I’m hoping & praying that he will understand that Beloved and I feel it is the time to welcome a new furball  to the cottage, we are not replacing him …. let’s face facts that could NEVER happen.


Yep this is exactly what the late K9 was like

After having 3 Rottweilers in 17yrs and loosing K9 so suddenly I couldn’t bear to have another one ~ I just feel we need to move forward and treasure our lost boys in our hearts & minds and while that particular breed will always be special I need to heal with another breed.

Anyhoo enough of being all deep & meaningful in 5 days … yes I’m counting them ~ a ‘Brother From Another Mother’ will be calling the shots and helping us make new memories, the tag of this blog will change along with the cover photo …. when I get D4 to take to the camera … if your wondering about new guy’s nickname ‘D4’ it’s quite simple ~ D is for Dog. So watch this space for a bundle of fur with character to join the madness that is ‘Life at The Cottage On The Green’

new puppy

You have been warned 🙂



OK I hold my paws up, I have been known to be a stroppy teenager which has caused Mrs P (and Beloved) more than a few sleepless nights

Believe me Mrs P has the eye roll down to a fine art !!

Believe me Mrs P has the eye roll down to a fine art !!

If you have been reading my Blog you know I’ve had ‘issues ‘with mouthing, rearing up and on odd occasions pushing Mrs P over, now I’m not committing to saying I’m over all this nonsense, but my mouthing is down 99%, jumping up is down 90%, but I was still having tantrums on walks, so Mrs P spent £7.99 on this

This is my Mikki soft muzzle- I worked out how to get my cake muzzle off !!

This is my new Mikki soft muzzle I worked out how to get my cage muzzle off so although I would wear it at the vets I would remove it within 20 seconds of going for a walk

It comes right up under my lower jaw so I can’t get it off, because it’s black from a distance you can’t even tell I’m muzzled at all.

I don’t have to wear it all the time on my walks if I’m in the middle on nowhere and no one is around it’s removed and I can have a good old run about, then if I stay calm I’m allowed to walk home with out it on.

Anyhoo with my muzzle on I can’t bite the lead, or mouth Mrs P, or swing from any item of her clothing, yesterday was my first walk alone with Mrs P, would you jolly well believe it was like Piccadilly  Circus out there, so I only had a little run, went back on my lead fine, (she didn’t bother with my muzzle as I was behaving) then at the end of the lane Mrs P wanted to turn right – I didn’t – so began to throw myself about, she whipped out the muzzle popped it on and began to march off !! I tried to bite the lead – nothing – I nudged her leg – nothing, so I though right OK then lets continue our walk.

Today was even better, I had to keep my muzzle on for the first half of the walk due to random folks on MY walk, then I was released, came back on every recall, just before the last mile home Mrs P put me back on the lead when I noticed this

Some scruff bag had thrown this by the side of the lane

Some scruff bag had thrown this plastic bottle by the side of the lane

I promptly picked it up and carried all the way home, walking to heel, no muzzle needed thank you !! Mrs P was delighted, I was a super star, I carried the rubbish home to recycle, and it now looks like I can go out just me & Mrs P

Mrs P gave me raspberries as a treat when I got home RASPBERRIES !!! I love raspberries 🙂

Excuse me I'm trying to have a nap - can't a guy get any privacy around here

Excuse me I’m trying to have a nap – can’t a guy get any privacy around here

Sorry for the long post LOL