All In A Days Work

Phew ~ I can tell you a German Shepherds work is NEVER done!! I didn’t realise there would be so many puppy related jobs at the cottage. Yesterday came as a bit of a shock to my system the wind was howling and while the sky was as black as thunder it didn’t actually rain … it turns out the tail of Hurricane Hector stamped across Lincolnshire and there was a teeny, tiny bit of damage to our tree don’t worry I was soon on ‘Team Clear Up’

Clear up Hurricane Hector

I did say it was a teeny bit of damage didn’t I ?? Yep we lost about 10 leaves and 1 twig

Would you know it, no sooner did I sort out that drama when another raised its head, some thing was attacking Mrs P’s car I can’t say for sure what it was but it was VERY RUDE it kept spitting …. “Don’t worry I’ll capture it” I yelled before I went in for the kill

Otter v Hosepipe

Let me tell you it took a lot of wrestling to get under control and I ended up wet through ~ Mrs P said it was one nil to the hose pipe … it turns out she was only washing her car ~ well I wasn’t to know was I ??

I need a nap, see you again soon

Love D4 xx




This Is Not The Same As Other Days

This is not the same as other days for me ~ because today I’m going to live in my ‘Forever Home’ with Mrs P and her Beloved (and Neurotic Cat of course) As well as being super excited I’m also a little nervous and  I already have dates booked in my diary!!

Otters Calendar _LI

See all the dots?? they are the dates I shall be socialising with the locals over the next few weeks 🙂

I see the V.E.T. person on Monday then the ‘Pet Shop Girls’ who run the local ‘Domestic  Family Member Emporium’ plus I’m going to ‘School’ to teach me how to be a ‘good citizen’ I start with my puppy foundation classes in a week or so with the same ‘Dog Training Lady’ my Late Brother From Another Mother and a different father come to think of it, had lessons with. I have an appointment with the queue that forms for the travelling chip van that visits the village green on Tuesdays, ‘Training Lady also says Mrs P & Beloved need to take me the local outdoor café, the pub garden and hairdressers ~ Now Mrs P already knew this, but now she has carte blanche to gad about to her hearts content.

my ears are awesome

At 15 weeks old I kinda need to grow into my paws and my tail ….. my ears are pretty awesome too

‘Dog Training Lady’ was holding an open day at her school this afternoon and suggested I swing by just for a quick visit so she could have a sneaky peek at me, it just so happens there was a ‘Cutest Puppy Show’ organised by the ‘Oscar pet food company ‘

3rd in show on first day

Guess what I only blooming well came 3rd, OK so there were only 5 in the ring but who cares I CAME 3RD 🙂

I’m off for a snooze now I’m bushed xx

Love Otter AKA D4



A Message From ‘The Mamma’

I know this is my ‘Angel K9’s blog but I’m hoping & praying that he will understand that Beloved and I feel it is the time to welcome a new furball  to the cottage, we are not replacing him …. let’s face facts that could NEVER happen.


Yep this is exactly what the late K9 was like

After having 3 Rottweilers in 17yrs and loosing K9 so suddenly I couldn’t bear to have another one ~ I just feel we need to move forward and treasure our lost boys in our hearts & minds and while that particular breed will always be special I need to heal with another breed.

Anyhoo enough of being all deep & meaningful in 5 days … yes I’m counting them ~ a ‘Brother From Another Mother’ will be calling the shots and helping us make new memories, the tag of this blog will change along with the cover photo …. when I get D4 to take to the camera … if your wondering about new guy’s nickname ‘D4’ it’s quite simple ~ D is for Dog. So watch this space for a bundle of fur with character to join the madness that is ‘Life at The Cottage On The Green’

new puppy

You have been warned 🙂

Rainbow Bridge called

K9’s mom writing this post for him, this evening suddenly without warning K9 AKA Oscar had a massive stroke and passed away in my arms, I’m sat here writing this at 2 am tears streaming down my face~ the cottage feels empty and cold, Rainbow Bridge called and K9 went ….Goodnight Oscar

Oscar 2.5 yrs

Oscar 4/10/2014 – 7/12/2017

Oops Sorry

I owe Mrs P & Beloved quite an apology this morning, while I was a superstar on my walk I did my meet & greet with fellow dogs in an appropriate manner ( I sat focused on Beloved ~ which is not something I’ve always been able to do ! ) BUT I did have a slight mishap …I found some fox poo and a decomposed rat which is where my apology lies

fox poo and decomp

Now this is what I don’t understand ~ to me this smells DIVINE you know like a really expensive aftershave

Unfortunately Mrs P has how shall I put this …. a delicate nose and an equally sensitive stomach which resulted in ….

poor Mrs P

Which resulted in poor Mrs P throwing up ….twice

Then to add insult to injury this happened

Bath time

Poor Beloved had to get up close and personal to give me a bath

EDIT NOTE ~ to anyone who has not smelt the stench of decomposition before ~ mix everything you absolutely hate the smell of in a huge bucket, mix well leave for 2 weeks preferably in a warm place … then stick your head in said bucket



Look Where I’ve Been

It was piddling down this morning so I only had a quick storm troop around the village but early afternoon the rain clouds began to part, Mrs P gathered together my day trip bag & bundled my good self & Beloved into the car and set off towards the blue sky, so where did we end up ?


I’ve only been here once before when I was about 8 months old, to begin with I wasn’t too sure what I was seeing

Then it slowly dawned on me I know, I know


Come on Beloved RUN lets get wet ..WE ARE AT THE SEASIDE *squeal*

Did you know the little cove we went to has a very special spot ? why ?


 It’s only an OFFICIAL cloud spotting area !! ~ how cool

Of course that meant we had to go cloud spotting …which was probably a good idea as it gave Beloved time to dry off *snigger*


Not only did we spot clouds Mrs P also managed to capture it at a rather jaunty angle

So it started off as the worst of mornings and ended with the best of afternoons


 Tonight I shall dream of the beach, the sound of waves, and be one very happy chap