I Am No Light Weight ~ Apparently

I am not heavy

Well that’s just fine and dandy ~ when Neurotic Cat lays on your lap I don’t hear you calling her heavy !!


Catch Up Time

I know I’ve not been in touch for what seems like for ever …I’ve been busy bonding with my human

K9 & Beloved

I do love Beloved oh sooooo much

Then just so Mrs P didn’t feel left out I gave her a helping paw with the gardening



Well I didn’t do any gardening per se I just ate the trug

And here is an action shot

Sunday joint

I almost got the Sunday joint ..I wasn’t quite quick enough – still there is always this Sunday πŸ˜‰

Then this week I got conjunctivitis… I’m not showing you any photo’s as Β it’s yucky & you should see Beloved try and get the cream in my eyes ~ lets just say he’s phoning the v.e.t. for another tube because so much has been wasted when he tries to get within 50 feet of me πŸ™‚