Hello!!   My name is Oscar otherwise known as K9 or Head Of Security I live at ‘The Cottage On The Green’ which is in a rural village in Lincolnshire UK.

My new home, you have noticed the 6 foot rag doll rabbit haven't you ...I don't want to talk about it LOL

My new home, you have noticed the 6 foot rag doll rabbit haven’t you  … Mrs P made her to take to craft fairs …Sometime she just takes her out for a ride in the car , Why oh why do I have to be blessed with such a family  ???

Talking of cars you can read all about a 1938 Morris 8 series 2 named ‘Millicent Morris’ over on Enduring Cottage

I share my home with Mrs P  who has a blog here on WordPress Craft Odyssey her Beloved ….oh and a Neurotic Cat

I had a normal life before I moved here

This is she ….Enough said

I had a normal life before I moved here, still I can safely say there will never be a dull moment …*Deep Sigh*

Follow my adventures as I grow and learn


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m very excited to be able to hear things from a Dog’s point of view! I’m sure you have many happy adventures to come!! I bet you have all the ladies swooning with those puppy dog eyes too 😉


    • Thank you for stopping by, it’s lovely to see you over here on my very own blog, ‘Dog Training’ Lady thinks I’m the bees knees, although I’m getting a little paranoid as she keeps mentioning how big my feet are !!!! even though Mrs P said it is just a tad rude to mention how big someone’s feet or bum is

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      • LOL, I shouldn’t worry too much about ‘Dog Training’ Lady’s comments, you’re sure to grow into them very soon!…. then she’ll probably be more concerned at how big you are overall, rather than just your paws. I hope your training is going well, just remember not to get too many things right straight away…you want those treats to keep coming for a good while yet !! 😉


      • I’m trying hard at training, as I’m rather enamoured by ‘Dog Training’ lady’s praise she is under impression I’m as bright as a button…..I can only sustain this misconception for an hour then I can go home and get back to my devil may care attitude and walk off when I feel the urge LOL

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      • Being so incredibly cute AND keeping up good behaviour for a whole hour already is amazing!! ..tis no wonder ‘Dog Training ‘ Lady is impressed! I bet she has you down as her Star Pupil for the duration of your classes 😉 But, It sounds like you have the perfect balance in your behaviour once home, LOL


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