Where Does The Time Go?

OMGoodness thank heavens Mrs P has sorted the magical world of internet communications … she changed broadband companies ~ then she realised why the previous one was costing an arm & a leg  …. it was because it actually worked, so she has changed it back again !! ANYHOO I have been having a fine old-time ~ I’ve got my own pool

june 2018

Enough with the photo’s already can I just get in !!

I’ve also graduated from Puppy Class ‘Dog Training Lady’ says I’m wonderful … but I’ve noticed Mrs P gives her money each week so I’m not 100% sure she’s not being paid to tell me that !!!!

pass 14.7.18

I go to the same school my ‘Late Brother From Another Mother and Different Daddy’ went to, so Mrs P is assured I’m being taught well  

I’ve now started my Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Scheme Award I even have homework!! which I’m almost positive is illegal given my tender age 😉 I’m also told I’m looking more like a proper dog now rather than a puppy ~ but then again I am 5 months old

Otter 5 months old

I’ve changed so much even I have to look in the mirror to make sure it’s me

I have to dash it’s time to pack my rucksack as it’s nearly time for dog school so thank you for calling by & I’ll see you soon

Love D4 XX



6 thoughts on “Where Does The Time Go?

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