I Am No Light Weight ~ Apparently

I am not heavy

Well that’s just fine and dandy ~ when Neurotic Cat lays on your lap I don’t hear you calling her heavy !!


21 thoughts on “I Am No Light Weight ~ Apparently

  1. I came and saw this on the day you posted it … and I *thought* I’d left a comment…

    Well, you know what thought did? It obviously failed me on that day!
    I remember showing Mr.Cobs the photo of beloved being loved into the sofa by my beautiful crush (see what I did there?) Oscar …. and he (Cobs the Bogeyman) laughed and loved the photo. So what on earth failed when I know I typed out a comment?

    I’ve thought about this until my puzzler is sore, and I reckon that perhaps I forgot to click ‘Post Comment’. [sigh]. Dontcha hate getting old?

    Give Oscar a great big kiss from Aunt Cobs … and tell him that I love him more and more each time I see him.
    Tell Beloved that he’s doing a grand job of being a comfortable cushion for Oscar, and long may that position be filled.

    As for you … hoping you are seriously in good form, and that the role of 24hour on duty Grandma is making you stronger and filling you with more stamina as each day passes. I know how exhausting it is just to have little Cobs all day each Saturday, so cannot imagine how you manage all day, every day. But rest assured that I’m supporting you, from afar, and cheering you on my friend.

    Sending squidges ~ Cobs.x

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