Play Time

It's My Ball

Yes It’s my ball … Yes I can see you looking at it … No I’m not giving it up 🙂


25 thoughts on “Play Time

      • Haha really, is he bigger than most? 😀

        I feel like he’s always had a puppyish look to him before despite his size, but now I look at him think wow what a beautiful adult dog!! His paws look about as big as my head too haha 🙂

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      • Big O really is bigger than most, although as you can see he isn’t overweight, he is still quite a puppy though,
        He will late maturing ( our previous Rotties have been more ‘grown up’ at this age) Dog Training Lady says he will be 2 /2.5 before he shows more adult tendencies, I see you have noticed his Bear Paws LOL

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      • I’d love to meet him in person, I bet he’d seem extra huge to me having two tiny dogs now 🙂

        Kasper didn’t show any signs of maturing until he was about 2.5 years old, and even then he still had teenage tendencies. It’s only in the last year he’s really come on leaps and bounds in a lot of ways, and he’s six now XD

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      • Hahahaha! I’d rather a dog was overly happy and bouncy to a later age than acted old before their time like Pixie though. If you met her you’d think she was at least 5 and she’s not even one yet, bless her. Comparing her to Rey is incredibly sad!

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    • What isn’t in shot is the two other balls I’m trying to keep my eye on !!! as much as I try I can’t pick them all up at once,
      Beloved says my tail is like a helicopter blade whirling around …every now and again ( read that as most days) I catch sight of it …don’t realise it’s mine and try to capture it, causing me to crash into furniture & people, I even manage to do the odd back flip as I refuse to let go …until it dawns on me it actually might be part of me 🙂

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      • LOL Sounds like you are quite the acrobat ;-D I’m sure all this mayhem has cut down the time Mrs. P needs to spend dusting around her ornaments…being that there probably aren’t many left ;-/ Peppy still has the odd moment (probably.when an itch needs scratching) that he will grab hold of his tail, being such an old boy now, it’s amazing how agile he can be considering its a docked tail ~ certainly makes for a tight circle dance when he does :-0
        May you have many more helicopter blade happy days!

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      • OMGoodness! Dear Oscar your must be exhausted every time you go through this routine having captured your tail LOL

        having mentioned Peppy was getting to be an old guy…I actually then remembered it was his 11th birthday yesterday!!! I gave him your kind regards and even sang him the worst rendition of Happy Birthday, the cat’s choir couldn’t reproduce 😉

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  1. Aww bless his little heart! He’s just the cutest button and I adore that nose of his. I almost feel like he’d be able to twitch it like Samantha in Bewitched did.

    GASP! That’s it! I knew there was something amazing about him … HE’S A MAGICAL DOG! A Magician. Aw, … I wonder what magic he likes to conjur (other than another dish of food please).

    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    • Dear Cobs,
      Of course my first magic trick would be to conjure a 2nd /3rd bowl of breakfast, closely followed by a pre evening meal stroll up Fen lane (I mostly have 2 walks but a 3rd wouldn’t go amiss) my last trick would be to plant the seed in Mrs P’s head to take me to the seaside this Sunday 🙂
      All my love


  2. Hello Oscar.
    I enjoy your blog so much that I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! There are a couple of things you have to do if you would like to accept the award, and you can find out about those here:

    You are under no obligation to accept the award if you don’t have time to do so, or even if perhaps you’ve got a bundle of awards and don’t have room on the shelf for another!
    But I just wanted let you know.
    Have a blessed rest of your day ~ Cobs.

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