The Perfect Summer Afternoon

It appears summer has finally decided to grace her with her presence, a glorious day which saw Gelfling Grandson taming garden beasts

Gelfling's woodlice

Boy Child was worried I would trample on the woodlice so ‘rescued’ them to a safe place away from my bear sized paws

While Beloved and Gelfling Grandson were ‘pottering’ in the garden I had a fabulous idea

Pick me some fruit

“A poor Rottweiler is starving to death here ~pick me some raspberries”

There was a slight hiccup in the plan though we seemed to have run out of cream 😦

No cream

I have no idea where the cream went …have you asked Neurotic Cat??


16 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Afternoon

      • You are, my darling. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

        You are Brave.
        You are Strong.
        You are Healthy
        You are Clever
        You have a mummy and daddy who love you very much.
        And Aunt Cobs loves you too.
        Oodles of tickles on the head, and strokes of the ears, and scratchy’s of the neck.
        Love ~ Aunt Cobs. x

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      • Now you are making my eyelids so very heavy, my breathing is slowing down, I’m now drifting off into dreamland, where I’ll scamper through the fields, the skies are blue …and NC won’t notice I’ve eaten her food …again πŸ˜€

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