Don’t Worry I’m On It

Mrs P, Beloved & Gelfling Grandson (AKA Moo) have been gardening ALL weekend so it’s only fair I help out.

I'll water the garden

I’m in charge of the watering canΒ 



12 thoughts on “Don’t Worry I’m On It

    • I had a go at weeding …the hole I left meant no weeds would be growing there ever again…Mrs P said although I was doing a *cough splutter * good job …I’m better suited to carrying the watering can …and I do look pretty cool so that’s what I’ll do LOL

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      • Great job on preventing weed growth in said area! ~ though, I do wonder if you hit the water table in your excitable digging efforts LOL?? Maybe you have introduced a new feature to the cottage garden….a Well ?!?
        Must add…the watering can accessory is such a now thing, and, you carry it off to perfection πŸ˜‰


      • Mrs P was a touch worried about the water table as we have soak away drainage, she also says a pond is a no no as I would probably use it as a paddling pool if & when the weather turns nice …..humans can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em

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