Catch Up Time

I know I’ve not been in touch for what seems like for ever …I’ve been busy bonding with my human

K9 & Beloved

I do love Beloved oh sooooo much

Then just so Mrs P didn’t feel left out I gave her a helping paw with the gardening



Well I didn’t do any gardening per se I just ate the trug

And here is an action shot

Sunday joint

I almost got the Sunday joint ..I wasn’t quite quick enough – still there is always this Sunday πŸ˜‰

Then this week I got conjunctivitis… I’m not showing you any photo’s as Β it’s yucky & you should see Beloved try and get the cream in my eyes ~ lets just say he’s phoning the v.e.t. for another tube because so much has been wasted when he tries to get within 50 feet of me πŸ™‚








11 thoughts on “Catch Up Time

  1. Ah I was thinking about you just the other day! πŸ™‚

    Hahaha oh I hope you get better soon Oscar, you sound like us trying to get Baytril into our guinea pigs – pretty sure at least 1/4 of it ended up on the floor, until we found out we could sneak it into baby food and they loved it!!! Shame your humans can’t do that with the cream for your eyes XD

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  2. Lovely to see you back Big Oscar :-)!! Oh No…on both counts…so near and yet so far from getting that joint ;-/ it looks like the trug had your frustrations taken out on it..hope your eyes clear up soon too…good luck to Mr. P with the second tube LOL

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    • My eyes are looking a lot clearer …even though I haven’t had the full dosage, and you should see Beloved chase me round the table ~for some reason he gets tired waaayyyy before me LOL

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