Post Bathtime

The best thing about having a bath ??


post bath

Warming my derriΓ¨re by the stove …bliss



14 thoughts on “Post Bathtime

    • Call on by I’ll get Mrs P to put the kettle on and bake us a cake …I LOVE CAKE …even though I’m only allowed a tiny piece – I have to consider my waist line you know
      Love Big Oscar x

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      • Mrs P was all for life is too short for watching your waistline business ..till she saw a photo of herself post Christmas chocolate / cake / pudding/ binge !!! now she is all no I couldn’t possibly eat any dessert, I see it lasting all of a couple of months until she feels her clothes are fitting much better then bring on the lemon meringue I say LOL

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  1. I have only been at this weight lose thing for a few weeks and already I desperately want chocolate! The boys are currently chewing away on some chew sticks and with not a care in the world. If only we could all eat what we want!

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