What Makes You Think It Was Me ??

I didn't do it

K9 …”I don’t know what happened, it just exploded … can I sleep in your bed tonight ???”
Me … ” NO”


18 thoughts on “What Makes You Think It Was Me ??

      • Could it have possibly been gas infused from an overdose of Christmas sprouts perhaps??!…these things can so easily become volatile with a methane build up! I suspect all young and/or even older guests were passing sprouts surreptitiously under the table given the opportunity ;-/ (whereas I have found the most delicious simple solution – not that YOU can do this of course!- dipping sprouts into garlic dip..divine!) Hopefully the ‘day bed repairers’ will be round soon to remedy the confetti 😉


      • I actually think it was ‘Carson The Butlers’ fault I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him sweeping dust under my bed ..think the princess and the pea scenario, and the whole lot spontaneously combusted 🙂

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