Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved forgive me for I have sinned

I ate your wellies

I ate your wellies

Mrs P and I had a long discussion on whether to tell him or not …we came to the conclusion it would be funnier to wait until he next came to put them on – which should be any time soon as the weather is appalling


9 thoughts on “Dear Beloved

  1. Uh-oh… That is naughty behavior! Maybe your mom should order up a new pair and then wait for the shocker to happen. Meanwhile, HIDE – under the bed or behind the big chair would be my suggestion…

    Love and licks,


    • Naughty ..yes
      In my defence if Beloved had put them away the opportunity would not have presented itself, so I think I was using my initiative to take advantage of the situation …all be it a little too enthusiastically πŸ™‚


  2. Oh Wow! It looks like you sure know how to make wellies more breathable ;-/ !! Not sure Mr. P will quite appreciate this….but, it does allow for him to update to a new swanky decorated pair for the coming season πŸ˜€


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