Eau De Toilette

Smelly dog
Me …     “So do you like my new aftershave ?”
Mrs P ..”No”

Mrs P said something about running a bath … I’m thinking bubbles, scented candles, a nice little something to drink

Turns out that’s for HER ..I got hosed down in the yard

 My face says all you need to know on what I think about that !!

My face says all you need to know on what I think about that !!


21 thoughts on “Eau De Toilette

      • Echo tried to share with me too but it is so stinky! He did get a bath indoors but that’s only because we have no outdoor water supply at the moment. so he had to stand in the bath and sulk in there. No fluffy towel or talc though. Can’t spoil him too much!


  1. Oscar it’s Kasper here, just to say – Roll in it again! Every time your mum baths you, make yourself grubbier and smellier…she’ll get the message eventually Oscar 😉

    You know how when a dog sits, they get a treat? Well, when an owner dares bath a dog, they get a more determined-to-be-filthy dog…these humans take a while to cotton on, but they understand eventually 😀


  2. MY OH MY!!!…. it seems you weren’t at all shy on taking on board lots of that new ‘Village Green fragrance of the Day’ !!!! ;-D But,very kind of you to share with Mrs. P, I’m sure she was thrilled LOL By the look in your eyes, it’s getting a bit chilly for a hose down – Poor You 😦


    • It was super warm again this afternoon 19c in the sun ..Mrs P says way too warm for October !!
      I think this might be the last hose down of the season, from now on it’ll be indoors …next bath will be in the ‘Designer Bathroom’ and I demand Mrs P has the tap end !!!

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      • Oh you lucky thing, still having such lovely temperatures, our heating came on today it was so chilly!
        Good luck on delegating the tap end…LOL 😉


      • It’s always this good here is a picture of my predecessor Old Dog taken during a severe winter and he looked like this when we got back from a 15 min walk

        That was the year it got down to – 19c

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