OK I hold my paws up, I have been known to be a stroppy teenager which has caused Mrs P (and Beloved) more than a few sleepless nights

Believe me Mrs P has the eye roll down to a fine art !!

Believe me Mrs P has the eye roll down to a fine art !!

If you have been reading my Blog you know I’ve had ‘issues ‘with mouthing, rearing up and on odd occasions pushing Mrs P over, now I’m not committing to saying I’m over all this nonsense, but my mouthing is down 99%, jumping up is down 90%, but I was still having tantrums on walks, so Mrs P spent £7.99 on this

This is my Mikki soft muzzle- I worked out how to get my cake muzzle off !!

This is my new Mikki soft muzzle I worked out how to get my cage muzzle off so although I would wear it at the vets I would remove it within 20 seconds of going for a walk

It comes right up under my lower jaw so I can’t get it off, because it’s black from a distance you can’t even tell I’m muzzled at all.

I don’t have to wear it all the time on my walks if I’m in the middle on nowhere and no one is around it’s removed and I can have a good old run about, then if I stay calm I’m allowed to walk home with out it on.

Anyhoo with my muzzle on I can’t bite the lead, or mouth Mrs P, or swing from any item of her clothing, yesterday was my first walk alone with Mrs P, would you jolly well believe it was like Piccadilly  Circus out there, so I only had a little run, went back on my lead fine, (she didn’t bother with my muzzle as I was behaving) then at the end of the lane Mrs P wanted to turn right – I didn’t – so began to throw myself about, she whipped out the muzzle popped it on and began to march off !! I tried to bite the lead – nothing – I nudged her leg – nothing, so I though right OK then lets continue our walk.

Today was even better, I had to keep my muzzle on for the first half of the walk due to random folks on MY walk, then I was released, came back on every recall, just before the last mile home Mrs P put me back on the lead when I noticed this

Some scruff bag had thrown this by the side of the lane

Some scruff bag had thrown this plastic bottle by the side of the lane

I promptly picked it up and carried all the way home, walking to heel, no muzzle needed thank you !! Mrs P was delighted, I was a super star, I carried the rubbish home to recycle, and it now looks like I can go out just me & Mrs P

Mrs P gave me raspberries as a treat when I got home RASPBERRIES !!! I love raspberries 🙂

Excuse me I'm trying to have a nap - can't a guy get any privacy around here

Excuse me I’m trying to have a nap – can’t a guy get any privacy around here

Sorry for the long post LOL


10 thoughts on “Result

  1. Oh, Oscar! I’m sorry you have to wear a muzzle sometimes. I hope you continue to improve so you can go without it. Please keep us posted on your progress. Carrying home trash is a good strategy to help you be good. Plus it is helpful in the neighborhood! 🙂 A dog in my neighborhood carries a stuffed toy everywhere he goes. I wondered why. Now I think that is his substitute muzzle….

    Love and licks,


    • I prefer the soft muzzle because it’s not so obvious, but if it means I can go on long walks with Mrs P and I’m not throwing strops it’s worth it,
      ‘Dog Training Lady’ says it shouldn’t be long before I associate good behaviour with no muzzle 🙂
      And today I was able to take part in the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign all by myself with out being asked – which shows I must be growing up right ?


  2. We too have a muzzle for Ray. It was a cage type (Baskerville brand name) and he did manage to get it off however, that was resolved my simply adjusting the straps. The advantage of the cage type is that Ray can still open his mouth so can breath freely, let his tongue hang out, cough, sneeze or whatever. We were strongly advised against the fabric wrap around style because they were designed for vet’s use where the dog was under so much control that only basic shallow breathing was necessary. Just some thoughts.


    • Thanks for the comment and observations on some types of soft muzzle.
      Oscars cage muzzle is the baskerville one, however altering the straps didn’t work in his case due to him having an overbite – which results in him still being able to remove it at will!!
      After doing a lot of research (for our piece of mind !) and from the recommendation of our vet / dog trainer we decided on the Mikki muzzle as it does allow him to pant, drink and accept treats, however it should never be used during strenuous exercise (which is why we remove it when he’s let off lead)
      Oscars trigger points to ‘assert his will’ happen within a short radius of the cottage (not when he’s off lead)
      We are working on the assumption that through training he will make the association of good behaviour with no muzzle, or as he grows we can revert back to the cage muzzle – as long as he can quell is Harry Houdini instincts.
      We have observed as Oscar is maturing he is out growing / being trained to refrain from certain behaviours, so hopefully his over exuberant, unacceptable, unsafe behaviour when out for a walk will diminish, and hopefully using a muzzle will be a short term measure.

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  3. It sounds like becoming a litter detective and removal officer has really given you a positive attitude to walking whilst out with Mrs. P!!! 😉 Bet she was OH SOOOO so proud of you…AND Raspberries too!!! 😀


    • Mrs P was indeed proud as punch with me, this morning Beloved came along for a walk, I tried throwing a tantrum as he had high value treats in his pocket …and I wanted just one more !!! however Mrs P popped my muzzle back on and resumed our walk, so situation contained, so Mrs P was relatively pleased that
      A) It was just a strop, not an underlying issue – even though I shouldn’t have done it
      B) It was brought under control very quickly
      C) A lesson was learnt – only low value treats allowed on walks from now on

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      • LOL….I shouldn’t laugh as you sounds as though you are learning so fast…it’s just I’m sure I heard a long sigh, as Mrs. P won the day 😉 ….You’ll soon be earning those high value treats again I’m sure 😉


      • I think ‘Cup of tea’ training will be on hold for today ..I was SUPERB on my walk with Mrs P this morning – except for the incident with rolling in something dead / smelly / or both !!
        I’m off for a spa treatment – please read that as Mrs P is throwing a bucket of water over me while cursing under her breath


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