Fava Beans And A Nice Bottle Of Chianti

I’m not having the best of days, out on my stroll I found a mahoosive pile of something and had a super time rolling in it until Beloved called a halt to my fun .. cue a bath .. then Mrs P caught me biting the base of my tail ..cue a body check which revealed a sore patch …cue a trip to the vets !! Mrs P and beloved thought it would be funny wise for me to go in fancy dress cue ..

This is my Halloween Hannibal Lecter outfit ..see how I go from looking like a teddy bear to a grown up feared dog

This is my Halloween Hannibal Lecter outfit ..see how I go from looking like a teddy bear to a grown up feared dog, sorry for the rubbish photo but Beloved has bacon

Anyhoo this turned out to be a very good idea, ‘Vet Lady’ poked  checked out my sore, ruled out fleas, and worms as I’m up to date on both then said it could be a blockage in my anal glands and promptly put on a fresh pair of gloves ..Mrs P asked me to bow which even I have to admit I did to perfection, then with my huge ample posterior in the air ‘Vet Lady’ proceeded to – No I can’t describe what she did next I’m still in trauma I mean it’s not even if I know her Christian name for goodness sake

The up shot is I now have to try to swallow these due to a skin infection

Have you seen the size of these !!! OMDays they are only a smidgen small than my rear

Have you seen the size of these !!! OMDays they are only a smidgen small than my rear, she also bestowed me with a ‘Lampshade Of Shame’ which I refuse to talk about

‘Vet Lady’ also asked me to be weighed – I came in at 120 lbs, her parting remark apart from wanting to see next week was now are you ready for this .. “When you stop growing we will need to keep an eye on your weight as there is a difference between a big dog and a fat dog !!!”  Like I hadn’t been humiliated enough, next week I’m taking some fava beans and a bottle of Chianti and lets see her pass any comments then

POST EDIT ..Mrs P thought I hadn’t been through enough and would just like to share this …

This is sooo not funny, now leave me alone to sulk :-(

This is sooo not funny, now leave me alone to sulk 😦




23 thoughts on “Fava Beans And A Nice Bottle Of Chianti

  1. Omb it’s not a good week for pups is it Oscar, our Kasper’s poorly today too 😦 Not enough to go to the vet though, but he’s only having one small meal today (imagine that! *shock horror*)

    Sorry you had to go the vet. Zoey had her temp taken when she went on Sunday (that involves something going up the rear too!) so she can empathise. One good thing has come out of your trip though – huge pills surely mean each one needs hiding in an entire block of cheese? I mean, I’m right, aren’t I? (Kasper says I am! 😉 )

    I think you rock a muzzle! I am also way impressed you appear so happy in it. I have spent flipping ages muzzle training my dogs…Zoey is doing pretty damn good, but the stupid muzzles are too narrow / too long for her stubby square nose XD

    Kasper on the other hand dislikes muzzle training, as he does most handling exercises…nail trims, teeth checks, hair cuts, whatever. I’ve got to the point where he will put his nose in, but getting him to keep it in is tricky and I have no idea how to progress to the fastening stage – if your mum has any tips I’m happy to hear them!!

    Sorry, I’ve written an essay of a comment 🙂


    • Mummmmmm !!!!!
      Can you answer this comment please?
      Hi Oscars mum here, the way I got big guy to keep his muzzle on is a little long winded but here goes
      smear the inside of the muzzle with cream cheese, yoghurt or peanut butter and let Kasper lick it off with out doing the muzzle up just holding it, repeat for a couple of days, then put just a little of the sticky treat on, flick the straps over his head, then feed high value treats through the muzzle, remove and repeat for a couple of days, slowly increase the time with out the straps done up slowing down the delivery of the high value treats, when its on long enough to do the straps up get them done up and make a huge fuss of kasper , remove the muzzle, don’t do anything for a couple of days then reintroduce the muzzle, continue a slow delivery of low value treats until you are up to 5 mins or so.
      Now this is where I came a little unstuck, because I only did this routine indoors Oscar will only wear his muzzle indoors so I have to start re training outside so I can eventually get him to wear it on walks etc
      And you thought you had written an essay of a comment !!! let me know if this helps 🙂

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      • This is AWESOME! I really appreciate this 🙂 I watched a video that everyone recommends for muzzle training (Dogs Trust maybe?) and they whizzed through the process so fast I felt a little lost trying to replicate it with my sensitive boy…so I love the idea of spreading the sessions out, having days off, varying the difficulty etc.

        I think one of the main problems I have with counter conditioning Kasper to something is that I usually just make the task progressively harder. I need to get into the habit of making it harder, then easier, then harder, then easier so he doesn’t get flustered or overwhelmed.

        Thank you!


      • Your welcome, of course I;ll be following my own advice to start muzzle training outside, I did everything right then forgot to vary the settings I did it in ..D’oh 🙂


      • Haha easily done, I did the same with Zoey as a puppy for every cue but recall outside…I can only just get her to sit outside on walks even now, although part of it could be that she thinks she can’t sit / lie down in her harness *sigh*


      • Bloody stupid dog 🙂 She’s just about got that she can sit now, but lie down is entirely out of the question – I get the patented ‘you want me to do WHAT mummy?!’ face XD


  2. Oh I forgot to say I hope you are very much feeling better and out of the cone of shame soon…but whilst you’re wearing it be sure to run full pelt into the back of your mum and dad’s shins as often as possible 😉


  3. OMG, Oscar! I was in the cone of shame a few weeks ago for doing too much licking on my bits and pieces, too! I had to take an antibiotic because of it. It took me 6 days of medicine to get better. Plus the vet told Mom to stop feeling sorry for me and PUT ON THE CONE! I hope you are better soon, and that your medicine is at the very least wrapped in cream cheese or something equally delicious!

    Love and licks,


    • How did you know about the cream cheese ?? if I swallow it really quick I hardly notice the mahoosive pill,
      I remember reading about your cone episode, I bet you didn’t have to have the Hannibal Lecter grill on though did you, still come Halloween I have my costume ready 🙂


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