Hold On A Minute

Hello, Neurotic cat here,

I have hacked K9’s blog to put the record straight !!! I still can’t believe he’s blaming me for Yesterdays Antics you must all know that he’s a great big bundle of mischief ..  every morning this is what I have to put up with

"What yer doin?"

“What yer doin?”

He’s just sooo jealous of my 5 pounds of cuteness, I also have the run of the house, I even get to sleep on a Victorian nursing chair in Mrs P’s and Beloveds bedroom – which he HATES as he’s not even allowed upstairs – anyhoo back to yesterday – he’s blaming me because he doesn’t want to be in trouble AGAIN !!!! just because he’s been good for a few days does not mean he can blame me when he has a lapse, all I can say is ….

"And you ...you can go forth"

“And you K9  …you can go forth”   OMGoodness just look at my hair I’m covered in sticky buds  –  CUT  –  stop taking photos, where is my stylist ??


6 thoughts on “Hold On A Minute

  1. Hello neurotic cat. As a pup with a feline sibling, I must say, I’m not sure I believe your side of the story. Jamison is ALWAYS trying to get me in trouble. The jury’s still out on this one. Sorry. *ear licks * PS your really a cute cat. And only 5lbs? So tiny 🙂


    • I’m afraid Mrs P could only get my scowl face for my blog piece, the darn dog just sits there mithering me while I have my breakfast…like he hasn’t had his.
      I’m only a tiny little cat, I think that’s why K9 is soooo threatened by me LOL

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  2. I fear there is…. ‘trouble brewing at t’mill!!’ over who’s the real culprit in this matter ;-/ BUT, after seeing your presence on screen – goodness those eyes mean business :-0 – I’m not going to argue against you!! For a tiny feline, of only five pounds, I think you have nothing to worry about, when you can give out ‘daggers’ like that with your eyes, K9 had better be on his guard, he wouldn’t want you as his enemy LOL


    • Mrs T you don’t know the half of it, K9 LICKS that’s right LICKS my tail when I’m having breakfast I have to glare at him to tell him it is wrong – on so many levels, anyway Mrs P says all the best things come in small packages .. you know like diamonds … and poison LOL

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