Ending The Week

Hello I know 2 posts in 2 days !! just a quick line to update you on my adventurous week, as my misdemeanour’s began last Monday the weeks not over till today right ??

Mrs P must need some sort of therapy as she has started some sort of mass cottage clean, she began in the kitchen washing, wiping and scrubbing the grout between the stone floor tiles

Mrs P said this dirt is MINE !!!! what ??? where on earth does she get that idea ?? I swear I have never taken a delivery of dirt in my life

Mrs P said this dirt is MINE !!!! what ??? where on earth does she get that idea ?? I swear I have never taken a delivery of dirt in my life

While her back was turned I thought I would do Beloved a massive favour, having seen him squint, and holding the paper at arm’s length, it dawned on me the chap is obviously in need of a new pair of glasses, I then had the idea of prompting him to make an appointment at the opticians

See I did a great job, if that doesn't get him to make an appointment first thing in the morning I don't know what will

See I did a great job, if that doesn’t get him to make an appointment first thing in the morning I don’t know what will

Now for the good news..he can’t see the computer so I get more internet time ….BONUS 🙂


27 thoughts on “Ending The Week

  1. Hahahaha! Reminds me of when our Staffy was a puppy, she snapped the last third of the arm off one side of my glasses…we had to melt itthe end so it wasn’t painfully spiky, but I still wear these glasses to this day XD


    • LOL the little imp
      Our optician has a sign in the window that they will fix any damage to glasses bought from them …. I’d love to hear what they say when Beloved places the remnants of his glasses on the desk


  2. Oh,dear Oscar, the beautiful collie my family owned years ago ate my sister’s new fancy shoes…. well…. obviously he tried to tell her that they weren’t the best fit for her 🙂


  3. LOL…when it came to the crunch…you definitely gave it your best chomp by the looks of things!!! I’m sure Mr. P will be thanking you in due course for speeding up his need to renew his specs 🙂 As for Mrs. P, I wonder if all that scrubbing is some sort of therapy for bruised ribs???? Hope all that extra time at the computer doesn’t give you mischievous ideas for next week 😉


    • Mrs P took FOREVER to clean she kept stopping for a little rest and a drink of water ……Water does smell of juniper right???? by late afternoon she seemed quite jolly, although I think she overdid it a touch, she was in bed by 10 pm, I could hear her snoring from downstairs

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      • LOL….don’t tell me….she was singing the Dirty dancing tune right, whilst carrying melons?! Trust Mrs. P to pick the heat of the day to scrub floors, no wonder she needed constant medicinal fluids!!!!! 😉 No doubt she had one of those migraine thingys the next morning too?? At least all visitors will be able to admire clean grout now though 😀

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      • … Mrs P, must for sure, think you have paw signed and distributed a shed load delivery at some point (though I couldn’t actually see any either)??!!! Maybe when your wasps/bees were reeking havoc the event might have slipped your mind???…..or, that juniper infused smelling water is starting to make her hallucinate mammoth muddy mounds….LOL ;-D


      • I think Mrs P ought to be grateful of having something other than knitting/crocheting to do, it can’t be much fun sat down just crafting away with an inane grin on her face can it

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      • LOL! I’m sure watching that grin , and it’s changing (maybe even grimacing) positions, as she concentrates ever harder on her task in hand, gives you hours of entertainment 😀


      • She started off with a wry smile this evening, then she realised she had made a mistake when sewing her crochet flowers together, then the grimace took over when she tried to unpick the Alpaca yarn, then the poor dear visibly crumbled when the whole thing snagged and turned into a mess right in her hands, I’m not sure she can salvage the project, so another yarn order and a re-start may be on the cards, I’m off to fetch the wretch her juniper cordial and I’ll move over on the chaise so she can weep http://funnyasduck.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/funny-pictures-girl-crying-shoulder-dog.jpg

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      • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs P has trained you so well – fetching her cordial, making room on the chaise – what a delight you are already – or is it…. you just hanker the quiet life LOL 😀
        Poor Mrs. P though, all that hard work and muscle twitching to achieve the silliest faces…and then, she needs to spend her hard earned cash on replacement yarn too —-make sure you administer a treble to ease her pain ;-/


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