Rottweiler Cooler

This is a low-cost, family friendly, cheerful, no bake recipe for a Rottweiler Cooler

Step 1) Take your Rottweiler to a shaded corner

Step 2) Turn on your hose pipe …a bucket of water could also be used, and liberally apply water to said Rottweiler

Step 3) After much amusement to your good-self / family place your Rottweiler indoors preferably on a cool surface,  I have used a kitchen stone floor

Step 4) Leave your Rottweiler to cool

There you have it a Rottweiler Cooler

There you have it a Rottweiler Cooler

Although I have used a Rottweiler for this no fuss recipe please feel free to make substitutions for any breed of dog

This recipe has been brought to you by Mrs P


12 thoughts on “Rottweiler Cooler

  1. LOL 😀 I have been just moments away from practising the recipe on myself today…not so sure I would make as neat a heap on the floor though as lovely K9…what a blinking scorcher !!!!


    • LOL the good thing about this recipe was that I’ve been able to be quite liberal with the hose pipe, as a pale skinned lady of a certain age I took refuge indoor all day only venturing out early doors and late evening to walk K9 and a couple of time to ‘water’ the pup 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I hope you managed to keep the lacy parasol about your person during your brief stints outdoors??? I’m sure it would also help keep the heat off you whilst wearing your powdered wig – mind you wouldn’t want that to get hose piped!! – All that wetted powder, drizzling down your chops, would set in the heat like a concrete face mask LOL 😀


      • Not only did I go out doors without my powdered wig I even raised my skirt approximately on half inch off the floor !! now you know why I timed my expeditions while no one was about, the shame should I have been caught

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL!!!! I know what you’re all about doing such shameful revealings… just wanted a shot at the ducking chair in the village pond…to cool down on this hideously hot day 😉


      • LOL!!!! we need to consider the displacement factor against daily evaporation then!!!! 😀 Maybe, you should consider going out in village movement hours, to make sure of getting caught! LOL 😀


      • I may just throw caution to the wind and hurl myself in the pond is perspiring in a most un lady like fashion, I will have to consult my vintage tomes of knowledge on how best to appear in a calm and cool manner while sweating like a navvy,
        I’m wondering if now is the time to remove the eiderdown from the marital bed ?? after all with the flannelette sheets and the 3 woollen blankets, not to mention my crochet throw and my full night time attire I’m loosing sleep due to the oppressive humidity 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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