Interview with My Big Sister

Now I have found my feet  at ‘The Cottage On The Green’ so to speak I thought I’d take this opportunity to interview my big sister …. Neurotic Cat

Neurotic Cat on her very first day at 'The Cottage On The Green'

Neurotic Cat on her very first day at ‘The Cottage On The Green’

Me …Welcome to my blog Neurotic Cat,  is it OK if I ask you a few questions about your life, career and time at ‘The Cottage’ ?

Cat … Thank you for the invite, of course ask away

Me… So  Neurotic Cat how long have you lived at the cottage ?

Cat  … I arrived exactly a year ago, from the next village, I was being bullied by my fellow felines and was becoming very anxious causing me to over groom, old mum knew Mrs P & Beloved were looking for a new cat after the loss of their much-loved puss, and the rest as they say is history

Me…. Were you the only pet at ‘The Cottage’ ?

Cat …No, Old Dog was still around then, a great brute of a rottweiler like you are going to be

Me ….I’m Head Of Security, do you have a job ?

Cat … Of course…I guard Beloveds Man Cave

From my vantage point I can supervise all the goings on

From my vantage point I can supervise all the goings on, NO ONE and I mean no one gets past me

Me …I know you are my BIG sister, but you’re not bigger than me, so I presume you are waayyyy older than me ?

Cat … I’m 5, I’ll never be bigger than you, but I’m still your boss

Me…( We’ll see about that Miss Know it all ) How come you get to sleep on a Victorian nursing chair in Mrs P’s & Beloveds bedroom ?

Cat … Awww bless, you have sooo much to learn, it’s MY chair-room that happens to have a bed in it that Mrs P & Beloved sleep in

Me … Will I ever get to sleep in your chair-room ?

Cat … No

Me .. Why doesn’t Mrs P ever take you for a walk ?

Cat … I’m independent, and I’m sensible enough to be allowed out alone

Me …Will I ever be able to go out alone ?

Cat … No

Me .. Can I ask why you are ……………Like where are you going ?? you can’t just walk off ……. for your information cat you were boring me first !!!!!!

… I think we are done here, you are not nearly as much fun as I thought you would be, unless your up the tree and I’m sat at the bottom waiting for you to run the gauntlet to get to the kitchen door first


10 thoughts on “Interview with My Big Sister

  1. I have liked your post a priori wthout reading it yet because I have to focus on writing mine (….being a no English mother tongue has its cost….) but as son as I’ll write it I’ll be back to yours. Promise!


  2. What a lovely little interview! Such a shame Neurotic Cat decided to finish it so abruptly…. better luck next time ;-)….of course, that’s if, Neurotic Cat permits another!!


    • Neurotic Cat has issued a statement regarding your invite I quote … “Many thanks for you recent request to visit, I’m honoured and humbled, my schedule is rather full at the moment due to summer nap times, if I pencil you in for a mid Autumn soiree would that be acceptable?”
      “PS .. the dog was NEVER coming “

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      • Dearest Neurotic Cat -Penciled in! Your friend, Roxie D. PS Have you ever seen any of Maru’s Youtube videos? That is one amazing , but very neurotic cat from whom I think you could learn a lot about fitting into very small spaces. 😻Roxie D.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dear NC -Maru is the best. Mom included a Youtube video of him in one of her posts about me, before I decided to write them myself. I truly understand how hard it is to get quality computer time.Life is cruel! Your friend, Roxie D.


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