Tearing It Up

While Mrs P endeavoured to write on Her Own blog I stole she gave me the postal packaging to tear up,

I did an awesome job on shredding the packaging don't you think

I did an awesome job on shredding the packaging don’t you think

I threw the remains of a padded envelope at her, when her face drained of colour, there was blood all over my handy work.
She made me sit down and went through the ‘Vet Examination’ scenario we have been learning at training and checked me over, then she politely ordered asked me to stay while she scrambled about on the rug, after what seemed an age she jumped up,holding her arm aloft …you know ‘Game Of Thrones’ style

So what was all the fuss about

Man Alive I've lost my first tooth

Man Alive I’ve lost my first tooth, what’s all this about, PANIC

Mrs P doesn’t seem at all worried, is the woman MAD !!! does she know something I don’t ????

Are all my teeth going to fall out??…will I need dentures?? ….will I never again enjoy gnawing loudly on a bone while she’s watching TV telling me to shush??

I’m off to e-mail Cesar Millan to find out what on earth is happening


12 thoughts on “Tearing It Up

  1. It’s okay. All puppies lose their baby teeth. You will get bigger and better ones. Oh oh, maybe I shouldn’t tell you that. You will only find bigger and better things to chew on. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t say that either! 🙂


  2. It must have been a terrible shock for you – firstly, having your mouth explored by Mrs P – after such a satisfying shredding exercise, and secondly seeing that one of your best tools had fallen out ;-/ – Not to worry though….bigger and better gnashers are on their way !
    Though, hmmmm…it does make me wonder ?????? If Mrs. P realises…. by having given you the envelope, you will now assume (and take on proudly) the task of shredding anything which comes through the letter box …… LOL ;-D


    • No wonder Mrs P never battered an eyelid when my tooth fell out …she must have known all along that I had a new set on the way!!!!
      As for the post, I can leave it all day on the mat where it lands after Postie pushes it through the letterbox….I only want it after Mrs P has turned it into a game with the odd treat hidden in it……you don’t think she is trying to keep me busy so she can get on with other stuff do you ????????????? THE NERVE

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      • LOL….I think you might just have hit the nail on the head!!…..guessing that Mrs P wants to keep you preoccupied, especially when she is perusing the many online fabric shops 😉 I must say for your young age, you do have splendid restraint leaving the post alone…I’m very impressed! 😀


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