Let’s Go Into Town – She Said

Last Saturday Mrs P looked me straight in the eye and said “Lets go into town ..it’ll be fun”

Always up for a bit of fun I willingly jumped in the car and off we went, She was singing like a woman deranged ..Hi Ho Β Hi Ho it’s off to the V..E..T’s we go as you know I’m only 4 months old and can’t spell yet (I have to use spell correct to help me with my blog)

Anyhoo we parked up and had a lovely little wander over the bridge passing the ducks on the river Slea

What a delightful place...mind you the ducks weren't as chatty as I hoped

What a delightful place…mind you the ducks weren’t as chatty as I hoped

Before I knew what was happening we called in a little shop, a strange place that had cats in carrying cases and a dog sat on his mums knee, I just settled down and looked out the window ….Mmmm Β I wonder do the ducks ever come indoors ??

A rather jolly chap called me over and proceeded to weigh me, “a chunky 21 kilos” not sure if that’s good or bad but he sempt happy enough, he gave me a good once over pronounced me healthy and gave Mrs P a little something for me as a treat

That wormer looks awfully big ...do I swallow it or is it a suppository Mum ???

That wormer looks awfully big …do I swallow it or is it a suppository Mum ???

So that was my first visit to Mrs P’s V.E.T’s the only thing concerning me was the conversation regarding ‘castration’ Β not sure what that is …mum say’s its brilliant …I’ll love it πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Let’s Go Into Town – She Said

  1. Wow, your first stroll in town, looks and sounds like a very pleasant experience! From all accounts the same could be said of meeting Mr. V.E.T….at this stage I shouldn’t worry about the castration thing…just a case of tidying things up a bit :-/ lol!!, I think you should be more concerned about the frontline combo thingy-ma-bob …I’m sure it’s a squirt on the neck application ?!? or at least it used to be, Mrs. P would be very brave to try and administer as a suppository, especially after experiencing the hissing of your noxious gas a few days ago…..;-D

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    • The front line combo DID turn out to be a neck squirt thing, thank goodness, as I’m a delicate creature I was worried about a suppository type thing, not sure how on earth that would go down LOL
      So the castration thing is just like a shampoo and dry ??? ….that’s fine I don’t mind a tidy up then πŸ™‚


      • GULP!!! Not quite sure how to put this to you Oscar …???…You being such a sweet delicate creature an all…It IS a little more than a shampoo and dry……………more of a ‘Deep Clean out’. I’m sure you’ve seen Mrs P take out the kitchen rubbish in little sacks ?!? (DOUBLE GULP) …the only way to actually tell you…is straight, I think, your two little… ehum…sacks ARE going to be removed and sent to the bin…leaving you all ‘tidy’! :-@.moving swiftly on though…………………………It IS such a relief Mrs P discovered the recent treatment was a squirty thing and nothing more intrusive!!! πŸ˜‰ LOL


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