3 Weeks In

Hi there, instead of guest blogging on my New Mum’s blog Craft Odyssey I thought what the heck and get my own, so here goes

I moved into The Cottage On The Green 3 weeks ago, when I was a youngster of 3 months

Aren't I just super cute

Aren’t I just super cute

My how times change, I’ve started puppy training classes, I think ‘Lady Trainer’ has a ‘thing’ for me …I’ll keep you posted about that as our budding romance blossoms 🙂

Last weekend Beloved (Mr P) took me to Amber Valley in Derbyshire to visit first Born Son & his Lady Love

I'm actually not allowed on the sofa, but apparently it was a great photo opportunity

I’m actually not allowed on the sofa, but apparently it was a great photo opportunity sorry it’s not a superb photo it was taken on Lady Love’s phone / teething toy

3 weeks on and I’m getting to grips with the routine, Mrs P gets up when I shout that I’m ready to start the day …anywhere between 4 .30 am -7.00 am….depending on my mood, Mrs P’s face is a picture of sheer torment the earlier the time …me I can’t see where she is going with that LOL

Today I was presented with my first pig’s ear

OMG have you any idea just how lush these are ??

OMG have you any idea just how lush these are ??

I’ve just buried in the corner of the woodpile, at least when I nip out to use the facilities I’ll have something to occupy me when I can no longer squeeze through the cat flap …which should be any time soon as my bum is proving to be a little bit of a tight fit !!


8 thoughts on “3 Weeks In

    • Hello there 🙂 Mrs P talks about you often, she says I can’t be a real Beastie as you know them all and you have never mentioned a K9 Beastie LOL I’m looking forward to writing about my adventures of course Mrs P will have to take the photos as I don’t have my own camera yet

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      • Hmmm… She’s right, there’s no K9 Beastie yet! But I’ve often wondered if it might be time for the Beasties to get some pets of their own. I’ll be sure to let you know when I make some. Also, how would you feel if I told you I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award? I realise it’s very early in your blogging career, but I thought a nomination might send some new readers your way, even if you’re too busy “helping” Mrs P with her knitting to answer the questions 🙂

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      • Oh my goodness a Liebster Award !!! whoo hoo I need a lie down…no I’ll chase my tail…no I’ll run round the sofa like a loon ….I’m sooooo excited .. seriously I will have to lie down … a sleepy thank you ….and …. I’m asleep xx

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  1. Hi Oscar! My name is Ray and I’m a German Shepherd(Alsatian) / Rotti X. Having seen your pics, you are clearly going to grow up to be a very handsome boy ……….. like me! I hope you have a lot of fun with your blog. I don’t have my own, but my Dad depends on me to contribute to “our” blog, and sometimes when my blog buddy Noodle (noodle4president) writes to me he lets me write back! Woof! Ray.


    • Hi Ray, I’m so glad you found me…mums blog is all knitting, crafting, and house renovation stuff !!!! all very interesting I’m sure but not what I call riveting if you get my drift, not only that, she insinuated I stole the limelight !!!! I found Noodle thanks for the heads up 🙂 do you think he will get to be president ?? I’m loving your (oh and your dads blog) I’ll be calling round to follow your adventures and pick up a few tips Woof Oscar

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    • Heellloooo Noodle, found your entertaining blog and hit the follow button straight away 🙂 I’ll be calling round on a regular basis to keep tabs on how to negotiate the human, cat household I reign supreme over LOL

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